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Pick a custom plan and work closely with me as my newest personal client! I'll put together a taylored training & diet programme based on my assessment of your current physique and monitor your progress through regular check-ins.
Customized Programme
Regular check-ins & monitoring
Your success is my priority

What is included

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Select a Plan
Pick a plan that suits you the best, whether that would be 8, 12, or 16 weeks. You can always upgrade or pay month-to-month.


Fill in a questionnaire
After picking your plan and filling in your basic info, I will send you a questionnaire that must be filled out and sent back together with 3 of your current physique facing the side, front and back.


As soon as you send back the questionnaire together with pictures to my email, we will stay in contact through Whatsapp, which will allow me to check if you're truly progressively overloading and getting better with each session. We will have a scheduled check-in day, but you can contact me anytime!


Specialised Training Programme

I will design your program and taylor it specifically to your needs. We will also discuss your preferred nutrition - I can either give you a grocery list and daily nutrient targets, or create a custom daily food plan.

What do you receive

  • If you haven’t had a previous experience tracking food, I’ll teach you about nutrition and all its important aspects, so you understand the program and learn how to diet the right way. 


  • Besides that, you will also receive customised diet plan together with grocery shopping list including proper meal timings to optimise your performance and energy levels in and out the gym. 


  • Unlimited contact with me through WhatsApp allows me to check your progress on a regular basis and manipulate it week to week as needed to keep a steady progress.


  • Last but not least, you will receive a training routine based on your goals, strengths, current level of training, that is adjusted to fit your body type, physiological structure or injuries.
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